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Wet Weather Policy 

If in doubt about the weather, please check the "Weather Update" page of the website or Facebook for an update which will be posted half an hour before play is scheduled to commence. 


In the event of a wash-out, credits will be provided for students (see credits & makeup lessons policy).


For fixtures competitions equal points will be awarded to all players who were drawn to participate on that day.  If play is suspended due to rain, children are able to telephone from the Pro Shop, to arrange earlier collection.

Credits & Makeup Lessons 

Only in the event of wet weather will credits be provided to all affected students on that day/time. This credit will be applied to next term's invoice as a discount for the cost of the lesson/fixtures missed. 

Makeup lessons can be arranged by Proshop staff if you are unable to attend your lesson for any reason. You need to have notified the Proshop prior to your lesson of your absence. When others have notified of their absence or there are free spaces in a class, a makeup lesson can be arranged. 

Please note that makeup lessons are only given to students if appropriate spaces in lessons are available. 

Club Membership

Adrenalin Tennis is a separate business entity from the Redlands Lawn Tennis Association (RLTA), and is responsible for running junior fixtures and annual championships for the tennis club. All competition and tournament players are required to be registered financial members of the RLTA.


Term 1 membership fees should be paid on or before the first day of competition; alternatively, half-yearly memberships are available (July-Dec) for players commencing later in the year. Cost-effective family memberships are also available. All enquiries, applications and payments may be made at the Proshop. 


Please note that RLTA membership fees are not separately invoiced to parents by Adrenalin Tennis, but become payable to the Proshop at the time of entry to competition.

Child Safety

We are committed to the safety and wellbeing of all children and young people accessing our services. The welfare of the children in our care will always be our first priority. We want all people who participate in our programs and activities to feel safe and to have fun while learning.


All children who come to Adrenalin Tennis have a right to feel and be safe. Adrenalin Tennis staff and volunteers encourage children to express their views, and make suggestions, especially on matters that directly affect the children themselves.  We encourage all children to participate in our activities to the best of their ability. We value diversity and do not tolerate any discriminatory practices. We listen to and act on any concerns the children and young people raise with us.


Waiting for Collection - We ask that younger children wait in the clubhouse lounge, or sit within view of staff, and advise when they are leaving.  


Photography/Video - Photographing or videoing your child while participating in fixtures is not permitted.  If you would like a photo of your child on court, this may be arranged after play has been completed.  Adrenalin staff may photograph end-of-season prize winners or tennis camp groups.


We pride ourselves on providing our juniors with a solid background in acceptable tennis behavior and good sportsmanship.  We help them learn to play by the rules, showing courtesy and respect for their competitors.  All players and spectators are encouraged to applaud good play.


To retain consistency of instruction, and to abide by the rules of tennis, please observe our policy of not entering the court area or communicating with your child while he/she is on court, during fixtures competition. Any messages may be relayed by the duty supervisor.


We have a zero tolerance policy in relation to bullying and/or abuse of any description by any person within the club precincts. 

Commitment To Play

By entering into classes or fixtures competitions you have committed to a term or season of play. If you cannot attend for any reason, you need to inform the Proshop that you will be absent prior to your lesson or fixtures commencing. For adult fixtures competitions, you will need to find a fill in for yourself as well in addition to notifying the Proshop of your absence. 

We regret, we are unable to enroll a player in fixtures or lessons if he/she cannot attend for the full duration of each session of play each week.

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