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All fixture players must be registered members of the RLTA. Membership fees for the current year should be paid at the Proshop prior to entry to the junior competition. There is also provision for family memberships (i.e. a minimum of 1 adult and 1 child) and this may suit some families which comprise several players.

Membership of RLTA includes membership of Tennis Queensland.

Substitution Of Players

If you are unable to attend on any given week, please call the Proshop as soon as possible. Two players per division will be scheduled to umpire each week. If any player is unable to attend on any given week, that weeks umpire scheduled for that particular court well be expected to play for the absent player.

Arriving On Time

All players must be ready to walk on court at the designated start time for their fixtures. If you are running late, please inform the Proshop to ensure all matches can be completed in a timely manner within the allotted time.  


Good sportsmanship and fun is encouraged at all times! Umpires only are to make the line and score calls - everyone is to accept the umpires call. If players at anytime still disagree on the score or line calls it is the responsibility of players to inform the fixtures coordinator to assist. 

Any form of abuse/obscenities on or off of the court will not be tolerated. The fixture coordinator may penalise players in this case. Parents are encouraged to support all players on the court, but they may not interfere or make inappropriate remarks or go on court unless given permission from the fixtures coordinator.


Please remember that umpires and ball-kids are there to assist the flow of the match - please refrain from interfering with the players during the match. The umpire must sit in the umpire's chair and is responsible for the following:

  1. Making line calls.

  2. Calling the score loudly following each point.

  3. Keeping score on the score sheet.

Ball Kidding

The ball-kid must stand at the net and only get balls that go in or around the net. Leave balls behind the baseline so not to interfere with the match. The ball kid is responsible for the following:

  1. Retrieving the ball as quickly as possible.

  2. Throwing on one bounce the ball back to the player.

Dress Code

Players are encouraged to wear hats and sunscreen at all times when on the tennis court. Correct footwear is required on the court.


In the event of rain or if you think rain is forecast, players should first check the "Weather Update" page of the website for regular updates or Facebook. Play will be cancelled half an hour prior to the commencement of play in the event of rain. 

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