Adrenalin Tennis’s step-by-step Junior Development Program, is based on Tennis Australia's ANZ Hot Shots program which focuses on taking students from beginner level all the way to advanced training. Levels 1 to 3 (Red, Orange and Green Ball) of our Junior Development Program uses modified tennis equipment to allow children (4 years plus) to develop their skills in a fun, safe and structured environment. As your child progresses through the various levels so does the ball type and court size, making for a fun and motivating tennis experience.


Level 1: Red Ball Tennis

This is a fun introduction to tennis with 30 minute classes (4 players per coach).  The classes incorporate gross motor, movement, balance and hand/eye coordination skills with the beginnings to tennis. Children use 25 per cent compression red balls that bounce lower, slower and are much easier to hit.  Basic grips and stroke production are introduced in a fun and rewarding environment.

Level 2: Orange Ball Tennis 

This level follows on from the successful completion of Red Ball Tennis and is a skill acquisition level for the developing player.  With classes of no more than 6 per coach, players use 50 per cent compression orange balls and concentrate on stroke development, serving techniques, use of spin, rallying, scoring and the basics of match play.

Level 3: Green Ball Tennis

In this level, players will focus on improving all aspects of tennis – the technical, psychological and tactical areas of the game using 75 per cent compression green balls.  Competencies include increasing their tactical understanding of the game, all court movement, changing gears, second serves and ability to attack and defend. Classes consist of no more than 6 players per coach.

Level 4: Junior Tennis

At this level, classes no longer uses modified tennis equipment. Level 4 focuses on the consolidation and refinement of all tennis strokes, serves and technical aspects of the game. More match play is added to enable players to further develop tactical play and scoring ability. Players remain at this level until they are advanced enough to go into Junior Squad training. Promotion into the Junior Squad is via a player’s proficiency, not age.